• Pensions


    Italy has signed a bilateral convention of social security with Australia which came into effect on 23 April 1986.

    • This agreement is applied to all workers, irrespective of their citizenship, as well as that of dependent family members and survivors, who can show evidence of periods of contributions in Italy and periods of residence in Australia.

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  • Proof of Life

    Proof of Life

    The 2018 Proof of Life campaign will start on the 19th March 2017 and it will end on 3rd July  2018. CITI will send Proof of Life forms to pensioners' domicile. Please note that some pensioners have been excluded by INPS from the 2018 campaign.

    We encourage you to contact your local Patronato in order to have your completed Proof of Life form submitted electronically

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    By law INPS is responsabile to verify the annual income of pensioners which could influence the entitlement or the rate of pension, including income earned overseas, heace the obligation of lodging the RED/EST statement.

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  • Consulate


    Patronato INAS does not handle Consular business, nor are they competent in these matters. However it offers an information service and assistance for applications to be lodged with the Consular offices, such as, Italian tax file numbers, AIRE variations and booking appointments.

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  • Double Taxation

    Double Taxation

    Australia has a taxation treaty with Italy to prevent double taxation by enforcing their respective taxation laws. As part of the agreements, an Italian resident in Australia, who receives income from Italy can request the Italian taxation authorities to reduce their witholding tax or to exempt them from paying tax. They can do this by lodging a tax relief form or a certificate of residency. INAS patronato assists the pensioner to check if their Italian pension is exempt tax or assists them to require a certificate of residency in order to apply for exemption.

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INPS Overpayments

There are several reasons which can cause wrong payments, among which an error by the institute but also fraud by the pensioner. INPS will take action to recover the debt on the basis of specific provisions of the law.

INPS mentions that the major causes of debts are registered in relation to payments connected to income, which, on the basis of the current legislation, are paid provisionally in advance according to the income records (therefore, on the basis on previous annuities) at the time in which the respective annual income to which it refers is verified, the institute is required to effect adjustments which can generate a debt (recover debt) or a credit (refund). In such cases recoveries are compulsory according to specific provisions of the legislation.

It would seem useful to remember that when verifying a pensioner's debt INPS is required to note due trasparency towards the pensioners. In particular of situations of debts arising, the pensioner must be always be notified about the following information: the motive of the debt with reference to the regulation which has determined the recalculation of the pension, the service which contests the debt, the amount of the debt, the period to which the debt refers, instructions about the expiry and useful methods for lodgement of an eventual appeal, administrative or legal action; the method of refunds, office references or contact information with details of debt notified.

The document setting out the details of debt calculation with details of previous amounts paid before the investigation (receipts) and those consequently paid (due) must be attached to above corrispondence. Moreover in the cases of pension payments, where possible, apply for the recovery by means of pension deductions, the pensioner must be informed, both of the begining of plan for recovery and the number of instalments set out in the said plan.

The President of INPS, Tito Boeri, has stated, in his last speech to the committe for the Italians in the world, and Sistema Paese della Camera, revealing that "there are 100,000 cases of debts who hold pensions under the conventional agreement of which 60,000 in the course of recovery totalling 270 millions of euros to be recovered".

The members of Parliament, Porta and Fedi, have lodged a questionarire to the Department of Works enquiring how many overseas pensioners must repay amounts wrongly received from INPS and which is the aggregate number for each country of recidence of each debtor; "what are the cause of such a high number of pensioner debts, considering the high percentage (25 percent) in respect to the comprehensive number of pensions paid overseas and exactly what are the methods used by INPS for the recovery of debts in terms of frequency".