About Us

It provides a safeguard without distinction and is free of charge to all the workers and their families, for the protection of rights under European, national and regional laws, through work contracts and through international agreements on social security.

It has a network spread over the whole national territory and abroad, with over 1,000 full-time employees who work in almost 700 offices in Italy and over 100 offices situated in the major countries of Italian emigration.

It is financed through a fund derived from a direct contribution of the workers and it is run by the Ministry of Labour, which controls its activities.

INAS activity abroad

For more than 40 years INAS has worked for Italian emigrants.
It is present in Europe in the major countries of Italian migration: Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Great Britain and Slovenia. INAS is also present in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil. Canada, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela, in order to give a better social safeguard to our fellow Italians.

The varied services of INAS are completely free of charge. Our migrants and the host countries citizens come to our offices for assistance services rendered by Italian local institutions and to solve welfare problems in general.

Supporting INAS means to contribute to the daily work of large organisation in the world, comprising of more than 1000 employees which work in about 700 offices in Italy and over 100 offices situated in the mayor countries of Italian migration. Each year Patronato INAS assists thousands of pensioners in the world.

Donations are fundamental in order to continue to guarantee the service of consulting and information which is offered to everyone free of charge.

If we exist, it is thanks for the support of people like you, who choose to give a voluntary contribution. Do not take our existance for granted, if you think we are useful, make a donation now.

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