Double Taxation

Australia has a tax treaty with Italy to prevent double taxation. As part of the agrements, an Italian resident in Australia, who receives income from Italy can request the Italian taxation authorities to reduce their tax deduction or to exempt them completely from paying tax. They can do this by lodging a tax relief form or a certificate of residence. With INAS patronato who can assist the pensioner to check that their Italian pension is tax exempt or assist them to require a certificate of residence in order to apply for the the exemption.


Issues concerning the Australian taxation of certain Italian pensions received by Australian residents are clarified under taxation ruling IT2554.

For the purposre of establishing if part of the pension received should be excluded from the pensioner's taxable income, INAS is recognized to be a foreign pension fund. Therefore a component of such payment it to be excluded from the taxable income (undeducted purchase price).

It is acknowledged that some Italian pension recipients who have retired in Australia may have difficulty in establishing with complete accuracy the total amount of the contributions which they made in Italy in past years and which constitute the "undeducted purchase price" of their pension.

In recognition of the difficulties experienced by pensioners in obtaining information relating to their contributions paid to INPS, it has been decided to accept the portion of he pension identified by INPS as being derived from the contributions made by the pensioner (reduced 10% to reflect the interest in that component of the pension) as annual exclusion amount, that is, as the amount which may be excluded from the pensioner's assessable income in any given year of income.

In order to calculate the component of taxable income, it is necessary to hold the article 10 form  which INPS send yearly. If this form has not been received you may contact INAS who is able to issue a copy.

Further in depth information:

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